• DBIW Lid for Hydro Flask 32 40 oz Wide Mouth
  • DBIW Spout Lid
  • DBIW Spout Lid
  • DBIW Spout Lid
  • DBIW Spout Lid
  • DBIW Spout Lid
DBIW Lid for Hydro Flask 32 40 oz Wide Mouth

DBIW Lid for Hydro Flask 32 40 oz Wide Mouth

DBIW Lid for Hydro Flask 32 40 oz Wide Mouth, Replacement Lids Compatible with Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle, Top Spout Lid with Handle, Wide Mouth Lid Chug Cap Accessories, Black



About this item

  •  EASY TO DRINK & CARRY- Spout lid enables maximum water flow and easy one-handed drinking. The lid has better sealing than straw lid, no worry about leakage. Chug lid is easy to twist off to drink, no need to remove the whole lid, seal beverage with confidence. Top replacement lid with flex soft handle, easy to carry.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH HYDRO FLASK WIDE MOUTH 32 40 OZ - Top replacement lid, spout lid perfectly fits Hydro Flask 32 oz 40 oz wide mouth water bottle. NOTE: The lid ONLY compatible with specific bottle and size, NOT fit other brand.
  • SOLID CHUG LID - Easily twist small cap to open and drink.Close tightly and no leak any more.Perfect lid for hydrating on the go, easy drink in a more safe way.No straw included.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Wide mouth lid made of BPA Free material.
  • HIGH QUALITY - DBIW is US brand, always select high quality lid for replacement and enjoy easy and safe hydration. Contact seller directly and get prompt reply.  

Product Description

Replacement lid for hydroflask 32oz 40oz wide mouth water bottle
Advantages of the spout lid: Leak-proof, Good Sealing
No leakage or No Spill any more
Easy drinking
Smooth water flow
Easily open the small screw cap on top, no need to remove the whole lid when drinking, avoid any spills
Safe & Hygiene
DBIW screw cap helps to keep spout lid and water inside clean

BPA Free
Premium material Durable chug lid
Safe for hot and cold beverages, perfect replacement lid
Wide mouth spout Lid (Outer Mouth Diameter 2.2"), perfect fit below BRAND and OZ
Must meet specific bottle brand and sizes (two conditions)
Compatible with
Lid Fits Hydro Flask 32 40 oz wide mouth water bottle
Fits Simple Modern Summit (10/14/18/22/32/40/64/84 oz)
Fits Iron Flask(22/32/40/64 oz)
Fits Takeya (14/18/24/32/40/64 oz)
Fits for MIRA (12/18/22/32/40 oz)

*Tips:Replacement lid for specific Water Bottle Brand, not for any flask*

NEVER use it for other brand and size
The lid only for above compatible specific bottle brands and sizes
Not use lid for below
NOT fit Hydrapeak
NOT fit Manna
Not fit YETI, Not fit RTIC
NOT fit Growler
NOT fit Beer Cup/Tumbler NOT fit Standard Mouth / Narrow Mouth Water Bottle

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